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Nigel Hornsby is Head of Estates (South) at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (SGS). SGS is a highly-rated FE college in Bristol and Stroud with a reputation for world class sports facilities. The college was used by the men’s Georgian rugby team as their training base ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2015, and had the highest-rated pitch test rating amongst all 28 training venues.

“In 2014 I was in the market for line marking paint our artificial 3g pitches that would be both cost effective, durable and long lasting. Ideally I needed a product that would remain intact with good visibility for up to 16 weeks of heavy use.

Wide angle photo of the first team football pitch at SGS college, with a running track round the outside.

The main football pitch at SGS College, Filton WISE campus in Bristol.

Pitchmark were invited in to demonstrate their products, alongside those from the other leading brands. We found Pitchmark to be a company who went the extra mile working with us to help us achieve our goals. Through trial and research my preferred colour options were white for rugby union, red for rugby league and blue for football - all standard colours. However, I wanted black for American football which works very well under floodlights, but it seemed to be a non-standard colour. Pitchmark were able to source this for me in ready-to-use form which proved to be very successful. The leaf coverage, line density and brightness with all paints (including grass paints) is very pleasing.

SGS is a very busy college with our own sports academies, major stakeholder users and national bodies using our facilities regularly, which means that the profile and expectation of our surfaces is very high. Having so many sports to cater for on our synthetic pitches does create problems for us but we have developed a marking regime that works well for us.

Image of a white line painted with Ecoline+ on grass at SGS College.

White line painted with Ecoline+ at SGS College, Filton WISE Campus.

Pitchmark’s AGP has proven invaluable to us, allowing many sports to be played using multiple colours, and the durability is fantastic. We now mark every 4 to 6 months - rather than 6 weeks - giving our users unbroken use of the facilities which also helps with revenue stream.

We use Pitchmark’s Ecoline+ on our natural grass pitches, which we find it to be a very bright and durable paint. It also dries quickly and give us long lasting lines.

I am happy to endorse Pitchmark paints.”