Pitchmark’s Promarker aerosol cans perfect for a wide range of hard surfaces, artificial grass and spot marking on natural grass.  These 750ml spray paint cans can be applied by hand or through applicators like the Aero-Line marker.  Each box of 6 cans comes supplied with spare nozzles.

Super bright and quick-drying, Promarker aerosols are some of the best on the market for hard surfaces.  For optimum results, ensure the surface is completely dry and ground temperature above 10 degrees.

On an artificial grass surface the paint will last approximately 4 weeks.  If you’re looking for something more permanent, check out our AGP paint which can last up 12 months.  Promarker aerosols are available in white, red, blue, yellow, orange, green or black.

PLEASE NOTE: Promarker aerosols are now supplied with a safety cap.  Watch the video below to learn how to remove it easily.
Green and white icon of neat, identical grass leaves, representing artificial grass surfaces.
Designed especially for use on artificial grass surfaces like 3G or 4G all-weather pitches.
Green and white icon of brick or paving, representing hard surfaces like concrete.
Promarker aerosols can also be used on hard surfaces like car parks or tennis courts.
Green and white icon of a nozzle spraying liquid droplets, representing paint being sprayed through a nozzle on a line marker.
Can be used by hand for spot marking, but for line marking these cans are perfect when used with applicators like the Aeroline marker.
Green and white icon saying 750ml which represents the amount of paint in each aerosol can.
Supplied in boxes of six 750ml cans.
Green and white icon of liquids being poured into a container with a no entry sign through, representing that this paint is ready-to-use and should not be diluted.
Ready-to-use from the can. Simply shake thoroughly for at least 30 seconds and go.
Green and white icon with an image of a football pitch and the number one, representing the number of pitches than can be marked with this paint.
One box of 6 cans allows you to mark up to 600 linear metres, or the equivalent of one standard size football pitch.
Green and white icon showing a colour palette to represent that this paint is available in various colours.
Available in white, red, blue, yellow, orange, green or black.