The UniMarker is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to using aerosol spray cans.

Supplied with a 6 litre pump bottle, this lightweight machine is easy to both use and manoeuvre.

One 6 litre bottle filled with Ecoline+ is enough to mark up 1500 linear metres - or the equivalent of 15 aerosol cans*.

The UniMarker is the ideal companion for golf courses, as you can have different coloured paints in individual bottles.
Green and white icon of a nozzle spraying liquid droplets, representing this machine being a spray marker.
The Unimarker is a spray type line marker that applies paint from the pump-up spray bottle through a nozzle and spray head.
Green and white icon of grass leaves, to represent natural and artificial grass surfaces and pitches.
Designed for use on natural grass surfaces like golf courses.
Green and white icon of brick or paving, representing hard surfaces like concrete or tarmac.
The UniMarker can also be used on hard surfaces like concrete car parks.
Green and white icon with a white stripe and 50 to 100 millimetres written, to indicate this line marker is capable of marking lines 50 to 100mm wide.
Easily adjustable line width for 50 to 100mm wide lines.
Green and white icon saying 6 litres which represents the amount of paint that can be stored in the spray bottle supplied with this line marker.
Supplied with one 6 litre capacity pump-up spray bottle with shoulder strap.
Green and white icon of the Union Jack flag, to signify this line marker was manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Manufactured by hand at Pitchmark headquarters in Bristol, UK.
Green and white icon of a ribbon with the words '3-year Warranty' written on it, indicating the length of warranty this machine is supplied with.
Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard* (* register online).
Green and white icon of a football pitch with the number three, representing the number of number of pitches that can be marked out with a full 6 litre spray bottle.
Possible to mark up to 3 full-size football pitches with one full spray bottle (when using Ecoline+).
Green and white icon of a weight with five kilograms written on it, telling you the approximate weight of this machine as supplied in a box.
Weighs approximately 5kg when boxed.