The LineMaster GPS system is one of the most advanced line marking systems anywhere in the world.

Using military-spec optical and satellite technology, the LineMaster allows you to mark any pitch, track or court, without the need for measuring out with reel and string.

The touchscreen technology is easy-to-use and guides you around, while the actuator arm does the hard work for you of keeping the line straight and turning off automatically when you reach the end of the line.

Combined with Pitchmark's proven line markers, paint and service and support, the LineMaster is the ultimate line marking tool. Contact us today to find out more.
Green and white icon of a nozzle spraying liquid droplets, representing this machine being a spray marker.
The LineMaster is fixed to an Eco Pro battery-powered spray line marker that applies paint via a pump through a sprayhead and nozzle.
Green and white icon of grass leaves, to represent natural and artificial grass surfaces and pitches.
Designed for use on natural or artificial grass surfaces like football or rugby pitches.
Green and white icon with a white stripe and 50 to 150 millimetres written, to indicate this line marker is capable of marking lines 50 to 150mm wide.
Easily adjustable line width for 50, 75, 100, 120 or 150mm wide lines.
Green and white icon saying 25 litres which represents the amount of paint that can be stored in this line marker.
Supplied with a 25 litre paint tank to allow you to mark many pitches in one go without having to refill.
Green and white icon of the Union Jack flag, to signify this line marker was manufactured in the United Kingdom.
The Eco Pro is manufactured by hand at Pitchmark headquarters in Bristol, UK.
Green and white icon of a ribbon with the words '3-year Warranty' written on it, indicating the length of warranty this machine is supplied with.
Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard* (* register online).
Green and white icon of a football pitch with the number six, representing the number of number of pitches that can be marked out with a fully charged battery.
12v 9ah SLA battery allows the user to mark up to 6 football pitches from one charge.
Green and white icon of a weight with 30 kilograms written on it, telling you the approximate weight of this machine as supplied in a box.
Weighs approximately 30kg when boxed.


Time and Labour Saving

* Only one person operation needed from start to finish – allowing you to reassign staff to other tasks and minimising downtime.

* 8x quicker than traditional string and measuring method.

* Mark a new football pitch from scratch in just 25 minutes.

* No need to plot your pitches every year - you can name and store them in the LineMaster and it remembers their size and exact locations.

Ultimate Accuracy

* Exceptional levels of accuracy – arrow-straight pitch markings time after time.

* Connects to more satellites than a standard consumer sat-nav at any one time, giving you a supreme level of accuracy down to the nearest millimetre.

* Swiss accuracy, reliability and technology combined with UK engineering gives you military-grade precision lines.

* Advanced actuating arm automatically keeps your line straight as you walk, and stops the spray if you veer too far off course.

* Uses components and technology from Leica, the optical technology experts.


* Pitchmark deliver paint to you at scheduled intervals throughout the year - no need to worry about re-ordering or running out.

* No complex mixing or dilution of paints required - the LineMaster system is supplied with our market-leading ready-to-use paints Ecoline+, AGP or Direct.

* Auto-stop/start feature and actuating arm does the hard work for you!

* No experience of setting out pitches required - anyone can do it!

* Touch screen with simple operating software, just like your smartphone.

Innovative and High-Tech

* Create any size, any shape, anywhere – including circles, running tracks, or even junior pitches inside senior pitches!

* System can automatically work out the straightest lines possible using your current corner flags or goal posts.

* 4.3” LCD touchscreen display unit with built-in 4GB memory to store and name all your pitch layouts.

* Top-of-the-range spray line marker with high-pressure pump, triple-filtration system and bespoke two-piece nozzles.

* Advanced LineMaster base unit fixed on a Leica tripod allows you to mark anywhere within 500m radius (line-of-sight).

Reliability & Support

* Full 3-year warranty covering any manufacturer defects.

* Phone and email backup and support whenever you need it (9am-5pm Monday to Friday), with video instructions to help guide you.

* Complete commissioning of and training on the system by Pitchmark, ensuring you are comfortable with every aspect of the LineMaster.

* Unlike other high-tech line marking systems, the LineMaster isn’t affected by weather conditions i.e. heat haze or glare from the sun.

* Different levels of service backup from Pitchmark to suit you, ensuring the machine is maintained in perfect working order and to make any adjustments, replacements or repairs needed.