Our Classic range of line markers follows the traditional style of wheel-to-wheel line marking machines, but with modern manufacturing methods.

This machine is made from high-grade materials to a demanding specification from the highest quality materials available.

The Classic is extremely easy-to-use and popular with amateur and professional groundsmen alike, including at Swansea City and Crystal Palace, and is also available in 75, 100, or 120mm line width variants.

Please note the image shows the Classic-100. The Classic-50 looks near-identical, just with narrower steel wheels.
Green and white icon of a wheel, representing this machine is a transfer wheel-to-wheel line marker.
The Classic-50 is a wheel-to-wheel marker that applies paint by transferring paint to the grass via 3 transfer wheels.
Green and white icon of messy, uncut grass leaves, to represent natural grass pitches.
Only for use on natural grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches.
Green and white icon with a white stripe and 50 millimetres written, to indicate this line marker is capable of marking lines 50mm wide.
The Classic-50 has a 50mm (or 2 inch) line width. The Classic is also available in 75, 100 or 120mm line width variants.
Green and white icon saying 18 litres which represents the amount of paint that can be stored in this line marker.
18-litre central paint reservoir capacity with curved outer rim for limited splash or spill.
Green and white icon of the Union Jack flag, to signify this line marker was manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Manufactured by hand at Pitchmark headquarters in Bristol, UK.
Green and white icon of a ribbon with the words '3-year Warranty' written on it, indicating the length of warranty this machine is supplied with.
Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard* (* register online).
Green and white icon of a football pitch with the number five, representing the number of number of pitches that can be marked out in one go with a full paint reservoir.
The Classic-50 allows you to mark over 5 full size football pitches from it's 18 litre central paint reservoir.
Green and white icon of a weight with 30 kilograms written on it, telling you the approximate weight of this machine as supplied in a box.
Weighs approximately 30kg when boxed.