The Aero-Line is a very simple to use spray applicator designed to be used in conjunction with our Promarker range of aerosols, or indeed most 750ml spray cans, making a sometimes awkward job very easy.

Lightweight and simple-to-use, the Aero-Line is perfect for aerosol marking on a number of surfaces but hard surfaces like car parks in particular.  It can also be used really affectively for more temporary line marking on artificial turf.

The Aero-Line is height-adjustable to enable you to mark line widths from 40 – 110mm.
Green and white icon of a nozzle spraying liquid droplets, representing this machine being a spray marker.
The Aero-Line is a spray type line marker that applies paint from aerosol cans through the machine.
Green and white icon of grass leaves, to represent natural and artificial grass surfaces and pitches.
The Aero-Line can also be used effectively on natural or artificial grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches.
Green and white icon of brick or paving, representing hard surfaces like concrete or tarmac.
Perfect for use on hard surfaces like concrete or tarmac for tennis courts, car parks or similar.
Green and white icon with a white stripe and 40 - 100 millimetres written, to indicate this line marker is capable of marking lines 40 to 110mm wide.
Easily adjustable line width for 40 to 110mm wide lines.
Green and white icon of a ribbon with the words '1-year Warranty' written on it, indicating the length of warranty this machine is supplied with.
Come’s with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.
Green and white icon of a weight with 8 kilograms written on it, telling you the approximate weight of this machine as supplied in a box.
Weighs approximately 8 kilograms when boxed.