Line Marking Machines.
Market-leading line markers, built by hand in the UK
from the highest quality materials available.

Pitchmark manufactures and supplies a complete range of line marking machines for any sport, including natural grass football or rugby pitches, artificial 3G pitches, or athletics tracks.
The range includes our advanced battery-powered Eco spray markers, a range of traditional Classic transfer wheel-to-wheel markers in different line-widths, and our innovative patent-pending Hybrid three-wheeled machine.
Our Eco, Classic and Hybrid markers are all manufactured at our HQ in Bristol, United Kingdom. The Eco and Classic markers are offered with a 3-year manufacturers' warranty as standard, whilst the Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty.

Click on the filters below to help find the right machine for you.
Icon showing a spray pattern emerging from a nozzle, to indicate for spray markers.
Spray Marker
Icon of a spoked wheel to indicate for transfer wheel-to-wheel markers.
Wheel Marker
Icon showing wavy grass leaves to indicate natural grass surfaces.
For Grass Surfaces
Icon showing neat uniform grass leaves to indicate an artificial grass surface.
For Artificial Grass Surfaces
Icon showing a brick pattern, indicating this machine can be used on tarmac, concrete and ashpalt.
For Hard Surfaces
Capable of marking lines 50mm wide
50mm Line Width
Capable of marking lines 75mm wide.
75mm Line Width
Capable of marking lines 100mm wide.
100mm Line Width
Capable of marking lines 120mm wide
120mm Line Width
Capable of marking lines 150mm wide
150mm Line Width