EcoClean is an environmentally-friendly, PH-neutral, VOC-free cleaning solution supplied ready-to-use in 10 litre bottles.

Used regularly to flush through your Eco marker after use, EcoClean helps keep the pump and system free of build-up and can extend the life of your marker.

Whilst EcoClean was designed primarily for spray markers, it is safe and versatile enough to be used as a general cleaner.

How to use:

• Connect the bottle of EcoClean to the sprayer or pour into cleaning jar.

• Allow EcoClean to run through the spray marker for about 2 minutes.

• Leave to stand for approximately a further 2 minutes.

• Finally, flush through with clean water.

In order to extend the life of your line marker, we recommend to use EcoClean at least once a month.

For cleaning nozzles and filters, place them in a jar and pour in enough EcoClean to cover and leave to soak for a few minutes or until next use.

After conducting tests, our results show that EcoClean is more effective than electronic nozzle tip cleaners currently on the market.