Photo of Hybrid line marker on the pitch at the King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City Football Club.

Pitchmark Launch Hybrid

Following trials with a number of the leading Premier League clubs, Pitchmark will be introducing their new Hybrid sports pitch line marker at Saltex, complete with a lifetime warranty. This is a real breakthrough for turf professionals and their clubs, offering a wide range of benefits compared to traditional methods. Mark Rodman, Pitchmark Managing Director, has been working closely with groundsmen at top clubs to create a new approach with a product that offers the benefits of both a transfer wheel marker and a spray marker.

“A large number of top stadia groundsmen use transfer markers for many good reasons,” says Mark, “it’s easier to lift the back wheels up to mark over intersecting lines, there’s balanced weight and groundsmen like to walk slowly, with more control. With a transfer wheel marker you are using the same amount of paint on a pitch no matter how slowly you walk.”

The problems with transfer markers, Mark points out, is that they only tend to coat the tips of the leaf, and in order to cover more of the leaf to get the required result, it is double marked. This can also result in a ‘trenching’ effect due to the continuous heavy weight of the front roller, coupled with the loss of grass coverage due to overdosing of paint. The end result is the paint becomes so thick on the leaf it takes much longer to dry. With many modern ‘hybrid’ pitches requiring regular watering, ‘ghosting’ of paint over the pitch is highly likely.

Photo of Hybrid line marker on the pitch at the King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City Football Club.

The Hybrid on the pitch at the King Power Stadium, Leicester.

The Pitchmark Hybrid overcomes these problems with a three-wheeled spray design for ease of use, especially on intersecting lines where a conventional four-wheeled machine requires awkward manoeuvring over wet lines. The Hybrid feels like a transfer marker: well weighted and perfectly balanced. With a range of nozzles to suit the user, you never use too much paint while still being able to walk slowly.

“The Hybrid cone nozzles give perfect deep leaf coverage, “Mark says: “you only need one pass and, because of the depth of the leaf coverage, the line isn’t cut out fully week to week. It’s based on the proven Pitchmark Eco Club and Eco Pro markers spray system. The thin coating of paint dries extremely quickly so there are no issues with irrigation, rain, or ghosting.”

Photo of Hybrid line marker on the pitch at the King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City Football Club.

The Limited Edition UK-manufactured Hybrid uses a 12V 14ah SLA battery which gives up to 4 hours from one charge. The clever, highly-engineered front discs act as the front wheel, leaving crisper lines, and wide, low ground pressure solid puncture-proof rear wheels never go flat-and leave less of a mark on the pitch. Designed for use with Pitchmark’s Direct and Ecoline+ advanced low-volume, ready-to-use paints, the Hybrid also features adjustable line width to suit different competitions and goal post widths. Paint is contained in a 25L moulded tank and you can bleed the system into the paint tank for cleaner operation with no wastage.

The patent-pending Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty, providing Pitchmark paints are used. Pitchmark are taking pre-orders now and welcome groundsmen to come along to stand E125 at Saltex where they will be launching the Hybrid alongside their existing range of paints, machines and accessories. You can call 01454 776666 or email to arrange a demo.