"Here at Pitchmark, our mission is simple: to provide the best and most user-friendly products on the market at competitive prices. Supplying quality products is backed up by our customer focussed approach to service and support. All of these factors are fast making us the number one choice in line marking internationally."

- Mark Rodman, Managing Director, Pitchmark

  • 3 year warranties

    October 2016

    Pitchmark announce the launch of 3 year warranties on Eco and Classic pitch markers.

  • UEFA EURO 2016™

    June 2016

    Mark Rodman visits France and Pitchmark supply line marking paint and machines to all stadia at UEFA EURO 2016™

  • United States of America

    April 2016

    Pitchmark products are sold into their 30th country, the United States of America

  • LineMaster GPS

    January 2016

    The innovative LineMaster GPS line marking system is introduced to the UK

  • UEFA Super Cup™

    August 2015

    Supplies line marking products for the UEFA Super Cup™ final in Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Smartphone app

    July 2015

    Pitchmark launch an innovative new smartphone app designed to make sports pitch dimensions accessible for all

  • V2 models of both the Eco markers

    March 2016

    V2 models of both the Eco markers are launched, with extra features like quick-access charging points

  • World’s Biggest Moustache

    November 2015

    The team help create the ‘World’s Biggest Moustache’ painted on land near Southampton Airport, to help raise awareness for Movember

  • Wheel-to-wheel line markers

    August 2014

    The Classic wheel-to-wheel line markers are launched

  • Tripling manufacturing capacity

    July 2014

    Pitchmark move into new premises, tripling manufacturing capacity

  • LineFix socket line marking system

    April 2014

    Pitchmark’s innovative LineFix socket line marking system is launched

  • FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™

    June 2014

    Pitchmark line marking paint, machines and accessories are supplied to all 32 training camps and 12 stadia at FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™

  • Confederations Cup 2013™

    June 2013

    The team appoints a Brazilian distributor and supplies products for the Confederations Cup 2013™

  • The Eco Club is launched

    July 2012

    The Eco Club is launched, a smaller brother to the Eco Pro spray marker

  • First overseas order

    March 2011

    Pitchmark fulfils very first overseas order for 100 machines plus paint

  • Pitchmark incorporated

    March 2011

    Pitchmark incorporated officially, after years of Mark working alongside a paint manufacturer to develop a unique line marking system

About Us

Founded in 2010, Pitchmark is a family-run business based in Bristol, UK, with a vision of raising the standard of line marking and to improve the quality of working life for ground staff. Managing Director Mark Rodman has over 30 years’ experience in the horticultural and amenity sector, both as an engineer and groundsman, and the rest of the team have over 30 years in various roles within the sector too.

This experience has given us the understanding into what groundsmen want, and allow us to be both proactive and reactive when it comes to offering the best products available. We manufacture and supply a complete range of high quality line marking paints, machines and accessories for any sport on any surface.

Our products are used in many countries worldwide and were supplied to every stadium at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™ and UEFA EURO 2016 France™. We are always working tirelessly on research and development with regular exciting and innovative ideas. These products will help to further improve the standard of line marking internationally.

Meet The Team

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